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Networking During Summer Vacation

By Anthony Balderrama, CareerBuilder Writer For many people, regardless of age, summer is a time when work is low on your list of priorities. Perhaps all those years of three-month summer vacations as young… Continue reading

Does Your GPA Really Matter?

By  Laura Morsch, writer Studies have shown college graduates earn up to 75 percent more than people with just a high school diploma. So students earn good grades, study for the SATs and… Continue reading

Top 10 Tips for Interns

By Penny Loretto, Guide Organizations seek interns who are motivated and exhibit a “go-getter” attitude. Employers also want people doing internships in their company who have a strong work ethic and are dependable… Continue reading

How To Get An Internship

Lauren Berger, 27, has become an authority on landing internships. She runs a website,, and just published a book on the subject:All Work, No Pay: Finding an Internship, Building a Resume, Making Connections… Continue reading

Writing Your First Resume

Creating Your First Resume

If you are worried about writing a resume, or struggling with the task, you’re not alone! But creating your first resume doesn’t have to be an intimidating task if you understand the goal of your resume – to generate interest and interviews. It doesn’t have to get you a job and it doesn’t need to cover your life history. It simply has to pique the interest of the reader and answer the only question he cares about: will this candidate add value to my company?

If your resume answers this question effectively – by clearly communicating your strengths – employers will want to meet with you. It really is that simple.